The Bicycle - Vintage Ads & Map

bicycling routes mn.jpg

Women's history and suffragette rights are tied to the bicycle, believe it or not. Women riding a bicycle was seen as very independent. Naturally, it was challenging to ride in a corset and skirt so this led to the bicycle "costume" which was a good thing, women ditched skirts for bicycle bloomers. Newspaper reports often wrote in tones that implied it was scandalous for women to ride a bicycle. However, many articles referred to the "craze" and "fad" of bicycles and how much fun and mobility they offered. Many bicycle riding clubs sprouted up and in the late 19th C and early 20th, before the automobile -- bicycles were everything. Bicycle advertisements captured the freedom of the bicycle in the late 19th century.

the liberator bicycle

The Liberator bicycle was so aptly named and their ads were inspired by Valkyries or Amazons.